uTalk Junior Language Challenge 2020/2021

: Register your interest before Friday 31st July 2020 to receive 10% off your school’s entry price!

Pre-registration is now open for schools for the uTalk Junior Language Challenge 2020/2021! Register your interest now and be ready when the challenge begins in September 2020!

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uTalk Language Games 2020

Make the best of your time stuck at home by learning a new language alongside other people! We’ve opened up our much-loved children’s language competition so that now anyone can take part: welcome to the uTalk Language Games 2020!

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What are the uTalk Language Games?

They are a chance for children, families, colleagues—and anyone else who's interested—to have fun learning a new language together, while still keeping that all-important social distance!

In return for a small entry fee, you are given access to the uTalk language learning app, which helps you develop speaking and listening skills in any one of 140+ languages.

But, instead of just seeing your own scores, you also get to see other people’s scores in your region or country on an online leaderboard which is updated daily.

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How does it work?

  • Sign up for $5 per person and choose any one of our 144 languages to learn until the end of July.
  • You’ll initially be able to learn 15 topics in your chosen language, e.g. Short Phrases, or Likes and Dislikes.
  • The number of available topics will increase week by week.
  • Play games, score points and learn!
  • You can see your ranking on a leaderboard and compare your score to others in your region/country.
  • The app works on all mainstream phones, tablets and computers.
  • Once content is downloaded, very little online access is required.
  • Suitable for English speakers and non-English speakers. (Instruction available in 100+ languages!)

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Extras for schools or groups

Teachers or people running a group, if you want to enter whole classes or teams into the competition, you will have these extra benefits:

  • A leaderboard exclusively for your group, which shows everyone the names, scores, and rankings.
  • The choice of which single language everyone in your group gets to learn.

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Our award-winning formula

The uTalk Language Games are an extension of our award-winning competition, the uTalk Junior Language Challenge, which has helped more than 25,000 children learn languages over the last 15 years. In November 2019, the uTalk JLC was awarded the prestigious Threlford Cup by the Chartered Institute of Linguists.

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What people are saying about uTalk

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Incredible that we have uTalk right now, my students are pushing themselves to learn and absolutely love it! I know this is a WIN for them and us. Sra. Manzella St. Pius X Catholic School, North Carolina​