We plan to update these FAQs while the competition is live whenever we receive questions of common interest. If you have a question which isn't answered here please get in touch.

Who can participate in the JLC?

Registration is open to:

  • Teachers at any UK school. The pupils being entered must be aged 11 or under on the 31st August 2020.
  • Parents / Guardians of any child living in the UK who will be aged 11 or under on the 31st August 2020 and whose school is not entering the competition.

For Round One, will all my pupils have to learn the same language?

Yes, all pupils will have to learn the same language. If you believe you have exceptional circumstances, please contact us and we will consider your request.

Do you have a list of languages I can choose from?

In Round One you can select any language available in our uTalk app (except French, Swedish and Slovak). In Round Two, the language will be French.

When can my pupils start playing the games?

They can start playing as soon as they have been given their competition user names and passwords and have downloaded the app containing the unlocked content. Round One of the competition will go live from September onwards and Round Two will go live from Monday 6 January 2020.

I teach in several schools. Can I register all pupils on the same email address?

This should be possible.

Will I be able to see the school leader-board myself, to see how the children are doing? Will I also be able to see a leader-board for the region, to see how my school is doing?

Yes! Teachers and pupils can both see the leaderboard for their school, as well as their school's regional ranking. Parents of individual entrants can see how their child is doing compared to other individual entrants in their region.

How will payment be arranged?

Individual entrants will be asked to pay online at the point of registration and before they receive their username and password.

Schools will be invoiced once teachers have registered their pupils and been given user names and passwords. The £5 fee is payable for every pupil registered, regardless of whether or not they play.

If some pupils make it into Round Two, will there be an additional cost?


When does Round One end?

10am Friday 20th December 2019.

What do you do with the Round One scores, and what do the pupils have to score to get into Round Two?

The Round One scores will be used to determine which pupils qualify for Round Two. They will not be used for any other purpose. Pupils have to score 500 points or above (out of a total of 3,960) to qualify for Round Two. Round One will end at 10am on Friday December 20th 2019 and any points earned after this cut-off time will not be recorded in the competition.

Are Round One scores important after the start of Round Two?

No. They are only important in Round One, see the answer above.

When does Round Two start?

Round Two starts at 10am on Monday 6 January 2020. After this time any entrants logging onto their account - with the same user name and password as in Round One - will see their new unlocked content.

The Round Two language is French. What do I do if one of my pupils is a French native speaker?

Please contact us to discuss. We will consider making another language available.

How do I know what my pupils need to score to move up to the next achievement icon?

These milestones are available to view on pupils’ dashboards.

When does Round Two end? What do you do with the scores?

Round Two will end at 10am on Friday March 27th 2020. We will use the scores to select the top scoring 30 entrants from each region to go through to their regional final. If there are more than 30 entrants in each region with full marks – 3960 – we will release extra topics for these entrants to learn as a tie-break.

What do pupils need to score to gain a place in the regional finals?

There is no definitive answer to this question, it depends on how highly other pupils in your region score. The maximum number of points that can be earned in Round Two is 3960. If more than 30 pupils per region achieve this score we will release more topics to these children as a tie-break to determine who goes through to the regional final.

When do pupils get to know whether they have gained a place in the regional finals?

The closing date for Round One is 10am Friday March 27 2020. After this time and date we will check the final scores per region and select the 30 highest scorers to go through to the final. If entered by a school, we will let a pupil’s teacher know about their success. If entered by a parent, we will let the parent know. In the event of a tie-break situation we will again contact the relevant teachers or parents of the pupils involved, depending on whether they were a school or individual entrant.

Are the regional finals live? When will they take place? How much time would my pupils have to prepare for this?

We plan to hold live regional finals and the venues and times will be confirmed nearer the date. We would anticipate the timing to be during the Summer Term. The pupils will be tested on the same language content that they’ve learned in Round Two and we would expect them to have a minimum notice period of at least three weeks. As there is no new content to learn, we think this notice period (which is shorter than previously) should be ample.

Are there prizes at the regional finals?

We will be giving the regional champions and runner ups modestly-priced gift vouchers.

What about GDPR? What data will be used? Can I see your policy?

We keep your children/pupils’ data secure and will not share any details without your consent. Please refer to our GDPR policy.

Do I also get a copy of the language(s)?

Every teacher who enters 20 or more pupils into Round One will get complimentary access to the same topics and language as their pupils. Teachers of pupils who make it through to Round Two will also get complimentary access to the 12 uTalk French topics.

Can my pupils continue to play the games to learn the two languages after the scores for Round Two have been taken?

Once the children have been given a language app in either Round One or Round Two it will remain unlocked for them to use until the end of the school year. But, after the closing dates for Round One and Two have passed, any points earned will not register for the competition or for how do I achievement milestones. The only exception to this is if there’s a tie-break situation at the end of Round Two in which case affected pupils will be given special instructions.

How do you stop cheating on the Speaking Game where pupils record and mark their own pronunciation?

This section relies on the honesty of the children. The marks available on this section are also only a small part of the total and so no-one could win by cheating alone. Cheating will also not be possible in the live finals!

Can you earn points in the Phrase Practice section?

No, this section is only for practice.

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